One Day

"One Day" - is a fabulous fashion shoot from Russian Harper's Bazaar. I fell in love with the elegance of the model, her hair, her clothing dazed me and her style allows full scope for imagination. Personally I saw a girl reflecting the idea of the revival of the 20s - and her careless elegance, her consciousness of her beauty are on the backdrop of modern New York. We used to see him rushing somewhere, always tired and busy. And now we see this girl fully relaxed and enjoying her life.
As for me, I will probably make the same hairstyle. I found it so feminine and refine to wear it with large glasses and gloves. Perfect.



Mango top and cardigan
 Speaking about the hotest trends of this sping we should admit that tender, pastel colours undoubtedly lead. Personally I love them. Pink Mango top is going to be my favorite this season :)

City at Night

 Dries van Noten SS show is one of my favourite. I really like the idea to put James Reeve's photos of a night city on tshirts and dresses!Theese outfits seem to shout: "Let's go out, Let's go to the party!" They are chic and minimalistic at the same time, aren't they? Apart from the design, I'm obsessed with the photos themselves. After studying his site I became convinced that he is very talented. His photos are so inspiring!